Yard Drainage and French Drain Service FAQ in 2022

Having standing water in your yard is not just unsightly. It can lead to significant problems around your home. After a rainfall, does your lawn remain wet for weeks after the rain has ended? Are your home’s downspouts emptying near your home’s foundation? Do you find you’re never able to grow new grass seed successfully or maintain a nice exterior appearance as your topsoil constantly erodes? 

Without a doubt, poor yard drainage can result in many problems including damage to your home's foundation and landscaping, all while leaving your lawn a wet and muddy mess. Additionally, rainwater that constantly pools in your yard and surrounding your home often leads to basements leaking and other interior moisture problems. This secondary problem can lead to a host of health problems and for your family, if the source of the problem is not corrected. Basement waterproofing services are a wise consideration in these cases. 

A consistently wet yard with poor drainage may also present health hazards, including increased likelihood of mosquito breeding grounds throughout your property, not to mention increased likelihood of mold growth. If poor yard drainage is making your family’s yard a miserable place to be, you need Yard Drainage Services from the professionals at Kentuckiana Contracting Services.

Our team will visit your home and evaluate your exterior drainage situation and lawn grading to determine our recommendations for correcting the issues at hand. Every yard and property are different, so the services we suggest are selected individually. If you have water building up around your foundation and creating constant wet areas in your yard, act quickly to address the issue, along with any basement waterproofing services that may be needed. 

Correcting the source of yard drainage problems is not a one-size fits all approach – and there are a variety of ways to address it and dry out your property once and for all! In many cases, our team suggests a combination of services for maximum success. 


  1. Above or below-ground downspout extensions

This is a fairly simple and straightforward way to redirect water flow further away from your home. Many homeowners are surprised to learn how much damage can come from water simply draining around their foundation when it rains. Not only does this harm the foundation, it creates leaky basements, as well. We are careful to determine how and where to place downspout extensions, as an improper location could lead to additional yard drainage problems. 


  1. Regrade low areas in the yard and around the home’s foundation

Following careful evaluation, we add topsoil to regrade the area around the foundation and in problem areas in the yard where water always tends to collect. Quite often, this service makes a huge difference in resolving homeowners’ yard drainage problems altogether. 

  1. Install a yard drain to dry up a low area in the yard

Also known as collection basins, these drains capture excess water running away from your home, on a slope, for example. That collection drain then funnels this water runoff to another drain system installed underground. This type of system is especially effective in situations where excessive rainwater or melting snow is a common problem. 

  1. Install a French drain to capture excess water and re-route it via ditch or swale

A French drain is essentially a simple drainage system placed in a narrow ditch. When preparing to install a French drain, our team evaluates the yard for drainage trouble spots and determines where to place the French drain system. We carefully dig a narrow ditch, fill it with gravel, and place a perforated pipe within the ditch. This serves to carry ground water away deeper into the soil, eliminating pooling water. 

  1. Regrade the yard to allow for natural surface water flow and removal

The process of regrading is essentially the leveling of the surface across an area, which allows for more effective natural water drainage. When a yard’s surface is significantly uneven or worn due to years of poor yard drainage, it makes sense to completely regrade the yard.   

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