Ed Mitchell


Meet Edward Mitchell, a prominent partner at Kentuckiana Contracting Services, and a seasoned veteran in the foundation building and repair industry since 1970. With a career spanning over four and a half decades, Ed’s expertise and knowledge in this field are unparalleled.

In 1985, Ed made Louisville his home and quickly established himself as a sought-after professional. Over the years, he has collaborated with some of the largest concrete contractors and general contractors in the Kentuckiana region, leaving an indelible mark on the local construction landscape.

With an impressive combination of 45 years of hands-on field experience and exceptional management skills, Ed’s leadership has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects. In 2010, fueled by his passion for delivering top-notch service, he took the bold step of founding Kentuckiana Contracting Services, a decision that has since garnered a stellar reputation for the company.

One of Ed’s greatest strengths lies in his genuine connection with people. An excellent communicator, he values customer service above all else. He hails from an old school mentality, where integrity, superior quality, and ensuring an exceptional experience for every customer were the cornerstones of doing business. These principles remain at the heart of every project undertaken by Kentuckiana Contracting Services.

Ed’s commitment to his craft and his clients is unwavering. He takes a hands-on approach, meticulously overseeing each project to ensure the highest standards are met. His dedication to delivering results that exceed expectations has fostered long-lasting relationships with satisfied clients throughout the years.

As a key figure in our team, Ed’s wealth of experience and dedication elevate our company to new heights. His passion for his work and genuine care for our clients make him an invaluable asset and a true inspiration to everyone on our team. With Ed at the helm, we continue to provide excellence in foundation building and repair, upholding the principles that have been the foundation of his remarkable career.


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